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Press Release

CPSA Charitable Foundation Announces Formation of CPSA Clinical Trials for Rare Disease

2nd June 2021 - Newtown, PA (USA) The CPSA Charitable Foundation facilitates the non-competitive coordination of organisations to enable the delivery of new solutions for healthcare by focussing on the needs of those that are desperate and who are not served well by current approaches, particularly rare disease and pediatrics.


Since the last physical CPSA meeting in February 2020 (CPSA Europe), the CPSA Community has kept having engaging, intimate and inspiring conversations through the digital platform CPSA Everyday. These ongoing and interconnected conversations have enabled the CPSA family to share experiences, have a purpose, set an agenda and make a difference, particularly for those that cannot help themselves, or are under supported by current healthcare approaches. A particular focus for many of the conversations has been the Plenary Presentation made by Fleur Chandler at CPSA Europe in February 2020. Fleur’s moving presentation concerning the overwhelming difficulties faced by families such as hers, who are living with Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, to simply obtain a blood sample. From this, a group of individuals, who wanted to make a difference, came forward to see what they could do together to help the situation. This has resulted in the drafting of a clinical protocol with the aim to demonstrate whether blood sampling in a location that is more convenient for the patient, i.e. at home, can not only give data of a suitable quality to make the required clinical decisions, but is also less stressful to those being sampled, their families and the healthcare practitioners involved.


Based upon this and following feedback from leaders in the technological community that CPSA is a Power Host, in that it is independent, is trusted by the community and provides consistent and proven leadership in the field, the CPSA Charitable Foundation Board has been working to re-set the organisation. As such, the Foundation will build on its existing focus on supporting those that are most desperate, in particular rare diseases and pediatrics, and on redefining the standard of care with the needs of the patient at the fore. To enable this we are launching, CPSA Clinical Trials. 


The CPSA Charitable Foundation is focussing on building CPSA Clinical Trials into a sustainable business model to;

  • Enable non-competitive collaboration between organisations to facilitate step change in healthcare delivery

  • Define standards for new and integrated approaches

  • Deliver 1-3 clinical trials per year to compare novel sampling and analytical approaches with the current Gold Standard and so facilitate the adoption of new standards


About CPSA Charitable Foundation

Formed by a team who have devoted their lives to advancing science, the CPSA Charitable Foundation is dedicated to the progress of scientific discoveries from research to the bedside.  We are committed to advancing the public understanding of biomedical and pharmaceutical research, with the foundational principle that public knowledge is power.  CPSA Charitable Foundation will evangelize and celebrate our successes in this critical area of research, with an ultimate goal of focusing additional resources to advance human health.


CPSA Charitable Foundation is a publicly registered not-for-profit organization incorporated in Idaho.

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