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"Neil and I worked together on a cross company development of a novel dried blood spot automation system for more than two years.
He quickly understood our engineering proposals, while explaining to us the bioanalytical requirements, thus allowing for faster innovation cycles. Neil had fantastic ideas and was always supportive, even though his own workload was overwhelming.
During difficult project phases, his positive and open mind helped us a lot to get over many difficulties and develop a new DBS Direct Analysis System in record time.
Neil is a focussed, solution oriented person with a warmhearted character. I always looked forward to work with Neil and he has my highest recommendation."

Dr. Matthias Loppacher
Head of R & D, CAMAG

"I worked with Neil on the development of the Mitra Volumetric Absorptive Microsampler, from initial concepts to final marketed product. Neil helped me to understand the requirements of my potential customers (Clinical Practitioners, Animal Technicians and Quantitative Bioanalysts) and their workflows, which in turn led to a better quality microsampling solution. Neil has a unique insight into the experiments that are required to demonstrate the utility of a novel approach and how best to perform them and interpret the results. He has an infectious enthusiasm which helps the team to move forwards, even when the way forwards is not fully clear. I look forwards to working with Neil in the future."

Dr. James Rudge

Technical Director at Neoteryx

"I worked with Neil over a period of several years in the development of Volumetric Absorbtive Matrix Sampling (VAMS). Neil is an visionary scientific leader, that has the rare ability to be able to integrate both science and business considerations to effect real change. During our program, Neil provided the scientific resources needed to co-develop a fundamentally new technology, as well as helped the development of a very successful multi-organization, global pilot program to validate its benefits. I am positive the success of the program was largely due to Neil’s involvement and vision, and I hope to be able to work with Neil again in the future."

Mr. Emmet Welch

Director, Research and Development at Phenomenex

"Neil is an incisive and helpful research colleague at the forefront of innovation"

Dr. Hitesh Pandya
Senior Lecturer (Leicester University) & Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory and HDU Medicine at University Hospitals Leicester

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